How's The View?

A popular trend a few years ago was the building of mazes using cornfields or other vegetation as the walls. To date, I have finished only one (it was easy.) My worst experience was in Hawaii, at the Dole Pineapple Plantation. Crafted from over 14,000 plants, you can go for miles and never find your way out! After about an hour in the scorching August sun, I didn't care what was at the end of the maze (It's a pineapple).

Ironically, if you can look down on the maze from overhead, the view is very different and your eyes immediately start working along the plants and numerous turns to figure a way out. At one maze where I had given up, I stood in an observation tower and thought, "From up here, it just seems so easy." In fact I was extremely close to completing the maze before giving up.

Working through change offers a similar dilemma. When you are in the maze of the change, it can seem like you are making little progress. Frustration and disappointment set in if success isn't quickly found. In those moments it is imperative that you remind yourself of the larger view-the end result and benefits from making the change. If you can't gain sight of them, ask someone with a better view than you to help you see where all this activity is leading. If you don't, then you may just quit when you are about to make it through the maze.