Successful Change Requires An Investment

By now you may have heard that Al Horowitz, owner of Smokin Al's Restaurants in NY, won his bet on the Super Bowl-and lost $60000. Al told about 300 of his customers to whom he was catering food on Super Bowl Sunday that if the NY Giants won, their food was free. And of course, the Giants did win. Al even had a ceremonial burning of the credit card receipts on this grill on the Monday after the Super Bowl.

While we would see his "win" as a loss, Al said, "I won. I made alot of good friends for me and Smokin Al's." No question about Al's passion. On a deeper level, it shows how intentional Al was on seeing the Giants win-the blue ribbon he wanted for the day.

As you seek to make changes at work or in your personal life, how passionate are you about seeing the change happen? Are you so willing to see the results you want that you are willing to sacrifice your time, energy and yes, even money to see it become a reality. Sadly, most people aren't.

And before you say, "Well, I can't afford to lose $60,000 if the change doesn't work," you will need to read further into Al's story. Al stopped the guarantee to customers once he recognized the amount of money he would have to pay out if the Giants won. He knew his limits. In most cases successful change doesn't require that you sacrifice everything-but it will require something of you.

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