Never Seeing The Finish Line of Change

While driving on the interstate earlier this week, I noticed a 26.2 window cling on the vehicle in the right lane, signaling their interest in running a marathon (which is 26.2 miles, of course). Being a runner myself I smiled in approval as I began to pass the car. Imagine my surprise when the driver was..........smoking! Funny. I've never stood at the start of a half-marathon and seen someone take one last puff of a cigarette to increase their running ability.

Talk about sabotaging your ability to succeed in running. You need every millimeter of lung capacity to run a marathon and this person (if they were the runner) was limiting their ability to be successful in such an event. It made me reflect on what actions or attitudes I have that are just as ridiculous if I want to be successful with a change.

What are you doing today that could potentially limit your ability to be succeed with a change? The sooner you stop it the better your chances of seeing the finish line.