The Road To Mediocrity Is Paved With No Intention

Think about one (or more) of the following immediate past events:

  • A night at home
  • Your weekend
  • Time with your spouse (or child or friend)
  • A meeting at work

Now let me ask you a question: "Which of these events turned out better... the ones where there was intent involved, or the ones you 'just let happen.'" The obvious answer is that in those instances where we had a plan and worked to execute it, things went more to our liking. Sure, there may have been some circumstances that were out of our control, but that would have been the case regardless of our choice of action.

Even if my goal (i.e. intent) is to relax, I have to be intent on creating the environment where I can best relax. If I don't, then the maximum benefit is not realized.

What are you allowing to be mediocre simply because you haven't taken the time to be intentional in planning for it to be excellent? If you need a guide to creating this environment, check out my Six P's To A Positively Perfect Day at /downloads/