Change, Success and The Principles of Margaret-Part 2

In my last blog I told you about Margaret, one of my heroes. Currently, Margaret is struggling more with her MS and has had to take some time off from her work as a therapist. In an email from her husband a few weeks ago, he (without knowing it) revealed one of the success principles Margaret follows. He wrote: Margaret certainly takes advantage of feeling well. Other variations of her principle could be she strikes while the iron is hot, or she makes hay while the sun shines.

Too often I fear we waste those times of "feeling well" on less than important endeavors. We lose blocks of mental focus time because we are checking e mail or aimlessly chipping away at a convenient task. Meetings are spent on updates that could have been dispensed to the group electronically. Families forego their opportunities to grow together, and instead are content to "hang out" in the same house doing their own thing. And as Margaret so skillfully knows, those moments of opportunity can never be recovered in the future.

What do you need to be working on today if you "feel well" physically, emotionally, mentally or even financially? A better "harvest" awaits those who take advantage of feeling well.