Making Small Changes In Your Environment

Last week I was on a long road trip. On one particular night I arrived at my "economy" hotel after training for several hours and then driving an additional 3-4 hours. I was extremely tired. As I got out of the car I heard the most wonderful piano music. It was such a welcome sound after driving. Taking my bags out of the car, I realized it was coming from the hotel. They had speakers outside, and I found myself smiling as I walked to the hotel entrance. Inside, the music continued. By the time I checked into my room I was relaxed and ready to rest whereas I normally need several minutes to "wind down" after such a day. The music made the difference.

Whether you want to get better results in your business, from your relationships or just for your personal well-being, never underestimate the power of making small changes like the one this hotel made. In a program last week a participant told me that the change he needed to make as a salesperson was simply to smile more frequently. Another participant said they needed to get up 15 minutes earlier to have time to plan more effectively.

On Friday I took the time to clean my desk and work area. This morning I feel much more focused and ready to tackle my "A" priorities.

What small change could you make that would create the environment where more "blue ribbons" could be achieved?