Get Out Of The Roar

While taking the airport shuttle bus, I noticed something different... very different. It was quiet as the bus approached and there were none of the usual diesel fumes. As we departed for the terminal, I also noticed something else... it was quiet! The bus was a hybrid, currently running on battery power. What was also unusual was how people had to talk so low to not interrupt the rest of us. I also noticed every bump in the road and heard other cars passing by like never before. I actually enjoyed the short trip before the noise and hurry of security and boarding the flight. I had the right environment to think and plan.

Too often I think we allow ourselves to be caught up in the "roar" of life to really hear what our thoughts are telling us and to simply rest and reflect. It is in these moments that we can more clearly evaluate where things are going well and where their is room for improvement.

How will you "get out of the roar" today and more deeply reflect on how things are going for you?