What Do You Stop For?

While unloading materials for a training program at a military base, a short blast of music came from the base pa system. My host for the training, along with everyone else in the area, immediately stood at attention toward the base flag as the US National Anthem played. I was honored to be able to participate in this patriotic act as well. After the music finished, we returned to our normal routine.

My sense of pride and respect for those individuals on the base, military and non-military, was affirmed as everyone stood at attention. In the distance I could see a yard sale going on in the parking lot, and even the small children stopped and stood silent while the music played. These individuals on the base, more than anyone, know the sacrifices made by their family members and friends.

It made me wonder... what are the kinds of things I deem worthy enough to stop what I am doing and pay tribute to-even if it is only for a few seconds? What moments do I have during my day where a better use of my time would be to pause and reflect than to simply rush off to the next activity or try to make the next deadline?

What can you stop and show respect for today-even if it's only for a few seconds?