Binoculars And Change

It was quite a sight at my house last week. On Wednesday there was a rare planetary occurence where you could see Jupiter in the daytime sky as a brilliant pinpoint. We all gathered outside at 4 PM EST, armed with our charts and instructions, but try as we might, we could not see the planet. As our necks were tiring, one of us got the idea to try using binoculars. It worked! There was Jupiter-just as described. What I found strange was that after using the binoculars for a few moments we could then see it with the naked eye, even though a few minutes ago we could not. The binoculars gave us the right perspective.

When we embark on a change, I think we need the same type of assistance, especially if the change is more than just a one or two step process. Getting the perspective of someone who has been successful with a similar change gives us some initial direction. Getting additional feedback or insights from more people makes our necessary steps even more clear.

What change are you trying to envision today? If the end result, or how to get there, is not coming into view, perhaps you need a stronger set of eyes. Their help might just set the course for results that are, well...out of this world.