Think About Your Rate Of Exchange

While waiting for a flight back to the US, I had a craving for some ice cream. Finding the food court I spotted a Haagen Dazs shop. I made my choice and paid the cashier by credit card. As I walked away I saw the rate of exchange from pesos to dollars and realized that I had just paid over $12 for two scoops of ice cream and some sprinkles. Absurd!!!

 Why did I so readily make such a mistake? I didn’t stop to think about the rate of exchange until AFTER I had made the purchase. Had I calculated it before I bought the ice cream I would have thought twice and probably not given into my craving-or found a less expensive alternative.

 Before you make a hasty choice about how to spend your time, energy (or money) today, stop and think about what you are giving up to engage in that task or activity. Is it really worth it? Is it the best choice to move your work forward? Is it the best choice to improve your relationships or even your own personal well-being? If the answer is ‘No,’ the best choice might be to wait until you can find a more cost-effective option.