The Choice Of "I Am Glad I Did"

While perusing a magazine in a doctor's office last week, I came across a quote that really got my attention. It read:

I try to end each day saying, 'I am glad I did, rather than I wish I had.'

So I started making a list of the types of choices I should make if I want to be able to say "I am glad I did" more often at the end of the day. They included:

  • Linger in a good conversation a minute or two longer
  • Perform a simple deed of kindness as anonymously as possible
  • Take on my most difficult work tasks first-not last
  • Read the extra chapter to my youngest daughter at night
  • Eat foods that help my body perform better-and improve my sleep at night
  • Address the needs of a coworker or family member without being asked
  • Take care of a small problem, thereby preventing it from becoming a BIGGER problem
  • Reflect on my work and life for 5 minutes, especially outside on a clear Spring night as I gaze up at the stars
  • Enjoy a good laugh with a family member

What would be on the list of choices you would make?