But It's So Beautiful and Fragrant

At first glance, the green vine in this picture seems appealing. The attractive yellow and white flowers are even more inviting because of their sweet aroma. Yes, this plant looks like something perfect for the landscape. And if you believe that, I will gladly sell you some poison ivy plants for your flower beds.

The plant in the picture with the flowers is honeysuckle. While it looks harmless in this picture, it actually is growing unchecked in a small natural area of a landscape. It's a weed. And as you can see, it's growing over the other plants in the area.

Many of us allow a different type of "honeysuckle" to grow in relation to our schedules and commitments. We say "yes" to something that, on the surface, looks inviting and may even be something of interest to us. Once we allow it to take root, however, we soon find that it can strangle our time and energy in ways we never imagined.

What's the alternative? Take the time to recognize how any new commitment or obligation could grow in your schedule, and be vary wary of adding it unless you set some clear limitations on your commitment level BEFORE you allow it to start growing. If not, don't be surprised if it overtakes your mental landscape just like the honeysuckle in the picture.

Jones LoflinComment