Vegas Marketers Being Intentional

Last week I was working with a corporate group meeting in Las Vegas. Getting into the taxi, I was immediately bombarded by attempts to get me to spend money. A TV monitor was advertising various shows, buffets and activities in Vegas. The back of the front seats held coupon books for everything from skydiving to t-shirts. And the top of the taxi had a large sign highlighting a limited time performance of The Phantom of the Opera. The marketing continued as I went to the hotel. Even the elevator had a TV monitor giving me more options for restaurants and shows.

Those marketing anything in Vegas know they have to take every opportunity to get themselves in front of a potential buyer. There are just too many other opportunities waiting to take someone's money if you miss your moment.

It's the same with how we need to look at our quest to get better results. We have to use every available resource at our disposal in such a way that it encourages those results to become a reality. Miss one chance, and you could suffer missing the "jackpot" you're really hungry for.