The Balancing Act of Being Intentional

While at the airport waiting to board a flight, I realized that I had a tight connection and would not have time to grab lunch before the next flight. So, I hurried to the closest deli and began sifting through all my seemingly healthy choices. For some time now I have been very intentional about trying to eat better while traveling. The only problem was that every salad or sandwich had at least 35 grams of fat! It was then that I spied my new best friend... a turkey breast sandwich with only 7 grams of fat. My mom would be so proud!

As I sat down to eat lunch I casually looked at the nutrition label and was mortified to see that the sandwich had 83% of the daily allowance of sodium! The number 3 ingredient, behind turkey and the flour used to make the bread, was salt. While a little less excited about my choice, I knew that I could combat the overload of sodium with extra water throughout the day.

When we are intentional about the choices we make, there will most always be repercussions or potentially negative impacts of our choices (I call them "Weeds" in my new book). Our goal should be to make the choice that has the greatest potential to help us achieve our main goals, and plan for how to manage the other circumstances that come along with making that choice (like getting enough water to combat the sodium in the sandwich).

Too often we keep looking for the perfect choice to materialize, and it rarely does.