Leaving People Behind In Times of Change

Doesn't this Canada Goose look lonely? In a large metropolitan city all by himself, wondering what he should do? it's just not his nature to be alone. Canada Geese typically are typically always found in pairs or flocks. Did the others just leave him?

This could be the same way some people in your organization or family feel as you navigate through a change. Most people really want to get on board with a change, but often have let fear overcome them and isolate themselves from others. And the longer they feel left out or alone, the harder it will be to move them forward in the change. You may need to slow down with the execution of the change just a little so you can help others see the benefit in moving forward-and HOW to take the next step forward.

Don't worry about the goose in the picture. If he doesn't get run over by all the traffic, he will eventually meet up with another lone goose or even a flock of geese and will once again be part of a team. What about the people around you? What would help them more quickly get back on board with you or your team in a time of change?