Focus On Something Bigger Than Yourself

While at a training program in Wilmington NC last week, my wife and I took the time to have dinner along the Cape Fear River. The experience was just fantastic! While I tried to soak in all the sights of the evening, my eyes kept being drawn back to The USS North Carolina, a WWII battleship that is now a marvelous museum and reminder of those who gave so much so that we might be free. I'll bet I looked at it more than 20 times during our meal. I kept thinking that I might not be able to experience this moment with my wife if that ship and its crew had not given their best. I found myself being more grateful that evening than I had been in awhile. Even the next day I found myself reflecting on the ship and how it was a reminder that I needed to give my best.

In the same way, I think we need monuments, pictures or reminders in our workday that what we do is about something bigger than ourselves. Something that we can reflect on in those moments of frustration, disappointment or uncertainty that will refocus our thoughts toward more productive outcomes.

What are some things you keep in view that serve to keep you grounded and focused on the bigger picture?