Listen To Your Feelings-And Change!

When arriving to pick up my economy rental car recently, I was disappointed to find a Mustang Convertible. While some people might like the upgrade, I am officially too old to enjoy such a low sitting vehicle that is hard to see out of. I especially don't like driving such cars to a training program because it can give the meeting planner the wrong impression.

Because I was behind schedule I decided to keep the car. Iwas not happy and was not looking forward to the experience, but didn't want to deal with the hassle of changing. When I went to exit the lot the attendant said that the vehicle was incorrectly put into my space. I was thrilled to get a minivan (what  a loser I am, right).

I too frequently discount my feelings in times of change. Whether the emotion is disappointment, anxiety, frustration or fear, each one indicates that a change is needed to restore positive emotion.

Listen to your feelings today-they are probably telling you more about the need to change than you want to acknowledge.