Can't You See The Need To Change?

While enjoying some time with my daughter outside, I saw these clouds and said to her, "Look at the cloud Sydney. It looks just like a small dog!" In the ensuing moments I painfully described every detail of the cloud's likeness to a small dog (he's running left by the way) but she still could not see it. Finally, her friend moved her to a new location and said, "See if this helps." Sydney immediately saw the likeness.

Her inability to see the image is similar to the inability of others to see the need to change. You can make the argument with facts, statistics and case study after case study, but until they can view the situation from their perspective, you may just be wasting your time.

The next time you need to show someone the need to change, move to their perspective first. Seeing it their way may help you present your case in a way that is more meaningful, productive and not cause you to be seen as "barking up the wrong tree." (Sorry, just couldn't resist)