The Emotional Side Of Change-Part 2

In my previous blog, I wrote about someone making a decision to leave their job based on my comments during a presention. I am thrilled to report that in talking with the person's manager, the change was absolutley needed for the individual to live out their priorities. And the really cool part was that the manager was in full support of his decision. There's a blue ribbon leader for you!

If you are a manager or supervisor, think about those who report to you. Are they happy in their current roles and positions? Do you sense they are giving each day their best? If the answer is "yes" then count yourself fortunate. If the answer is "no," however, begin to ask yourself why. Is there anything you can do to create a better work environment? Don't let your thoughts simply go to money or compensation. People are often looking for small things like more recognition of their efforts or acknowledgment that what they do matters. They may be struggling with a particular project and need you to work more closely with them to keep things moving forward. You never know until you begin digging a little deeper.

In my recent situation, there was little question that this was the right choice for the person to make. In other instances, however, the emotional side of change may cause them to react too quickly-and put both the employee and the manager in a tough position.