But Does It Make Sense?

One of my assignments while running errands yesterday was purchasing some boxes of macaroni and cheese. I began my journey through the "super" store, only to become frustrated. The mac and cheese was not on the aisle with the other pasta. I kept looking, thinking it was going to jump out at me any second, but nothing ever materialized. I searched for someone to ask, but found no one. Finally, after deciding that we didnt' need the high sodium dish anyway.... I found it. It was on the aisle with the boxed dinners. What a ridiculous place to put it. Macaroni and cheese is not a dinner-it's a side dish!

I chuckled because sometimes prioritizing my day works much the same way. I don't put tasks in a logical order, or at least organize them in a way that matches my physical or mental energy. Like running around the store looking for the mac and cheese, I spend way too much time trying to complete the task than if I would have scheduled it at a different time-and yes, even a different place.

The next time you are trying to plan a productive day, ask yourself if the order makes sense based on the current conditions and limitations. If not, take a moment to rethink your schedule and make the necessary adjustments.