The Victim Seed

Did you plant it this morning? Maybe you didn't do it intentionally. It may have started with a casual thought about not having time to eat breakfast because you had to get out the door. Or it may have sprouted when you arrived at work and felt overwhelmed when you realized the mountain of stuff you had in front of you. An afternoon lapse of focus may have given the seed fertile ground as you reasoned that you didn't have the energy to work on the difficult tasks-so you just started rifling through your email.

These victim seeds are often the harvest of poor choices in the past. Our memory minimizes the impact of those poor choices and leaves us with these feelings of being a victim of our current environment that we plant whenever the going gets tough.

To avoid planting these seeds and derailing our productivity or opportunity for inner peace, we may simply need to reflect on what caused us to make a poor choice and plan how to make a better decision in the future. As I say in Getting the Blue Ribbon, You are growing something every day. What grows and how it grows is up to you.