Presidents and Practical Wisdom

Presidents of the United States are best known for their formal speeches and using language that stirs something deep within us. But just as valuable is the wisdom they share in the moments when they are engaging in normal conversation.

Case in point. While in college I had the opportunity to meet President Ronald Reagan in the oval office. I was part of a team of officers for a national youth organization. President Reagan had been briefed about your travels and activities, and one of the most memorable things he told us that day in our casual conversation was simply this-"When I am traveling, I like to have a second pair of shoes to wear at the end of the day that are comfortable." Simple, yet valuable advice.

Abraham Lincoln was also known to dispense down to earth wisdom as well. The other day I cam across this quote from him about how to be successful:

Rules of living: Don't worry, eat three square meals a day, say your prayers, be courteous to your creditors, keep your digestion good, steer clear of biliousness, exercise, go slow and go easy. Maybe there are other things that your special case requires to make you happy, but, my friend, these, I reckon, will give you a good life.

So there's your assignment for today, offered over 150 years ago. By the way, "biliousness" means to have an ill-natured disposition.