Even College Students Delegate

I had to laugh when I read the article in USA Today about enterprising college students making money from those students who don't want to do laundry, clean their room or even pack up their rooms when the year is over.

I thought it was humorous because I immediately thought, "What lazy slobs! They need to practice life skills like these to be better adjusted when they graduate. If not, they will expect to pay for these same services instead of doing them after they graduate. And they will expect a job that will provide the financial resources to secure these services. What is this world coming to?" I then realized I needed to take a break for a minute.

When you look at the tradeoffs they are making for paying someone to clean, wash clothes or secure snacks for them (i.e. sleep, hang out with friends and in some cases even study), it could seem trivial. The reality is, though, we make similar tradeoffs in our work as well.

We hold on to minor tasks that could be delegated because we are afraid of working on the more important tasks. We keep ourselves busy with the mundane and familiar to avoid working on a major initiative that might be difficult-or in which we might fail.

What do you need to consider delegating this week so that you could focus on the bigger picture-even if that includes getting a little more sleep.