The One That Makes You Money

Sitting in the airport recently I struck up a conversation with a rather chatty and colorful older man. He owned two businesses and talked fondly of both of them. He then mentioned that he was trying to sell one of the businesses (and asked about my interest-I declined) so that he could take more time for himself. When I asked him why he didn't sell the other one, he became quite animated and said, "I could never sell that one-that's the one that makes me money!"

I thought about his comments in respect to how I use my time. Am I guilty of "selling out" the wrong choice of tasks or projects because something else is more convenient? I then made a list of the key actions during my day that "make me money" or in other terms, give me my best return on investment. I've been reviewing the list to see if I am focusing on the right things, or, as the old man would say, "selling the business that makes me money and keeping the one that isn't.

How effective are you at focusing on the tasks that "make you the most money?" If you are like me, you may need to "sell off" some of those other things draining your time and energy.