Assessing Risk In Change

I read something recently about shipping firms beginning to have the option to send ships through the Arctic due to melting ice. According to Laval University, having ships travel this way instead of through Panama would cut the distance by 40%. Most shipping companies, however, are not planning to consider this route due to fear of poor visibility and hitting icebergs.

A bigger issue could be in play here. What happens if they start the journey but then have to turn back? That could more than double the time (and money) involved in shipping products. Right now it's just not worth the risk.

For many of us change doesn't carry the same enormity of risk. We can try one pathway for a period of time and if it doesn't work, we can change course without losing too much momentum or resources. And this constant course correction (when needed) leads us to our desired destination.

What change are you holding back on because you, like those shipping companies, see too much risk? The reality is that you probably have other course options available if your choice doesn't work.

Jones Loflinchange, choicesComment