1200 Words Per Minute of Motivation

While driving the other day I heard the host say that we "talk to ourselves" in our head at the rate of about 1200 words per minute. That's why we are able to listen to someone talk or music, and still think about other things at the same time.

The bigger question is, What are you allowing to fill that 1200 words per minute to provide your motivation? Positive affirmation? Fond memories? Reflections on past successes? More than likely those are in the minority and the majority of the talk in your head is negative. Negative thoughts about past failures, focusing on fears about upcoming events or just questioning your own ability to really get the job done-or done well.

Today, be intentional about focusing on thoughts that motivate you. If necessary, put up a sticky note with a meaningful quote. One of my current ones is, Life is either a daring adventure or nothing! by Helen Keller. List several recent accomplishments on the note, or make a list of people who, if working beside you, would be encouraging to you.

1200 words is alot of talking. Make sure yours is helping you move forward.