What They (And You) Need More Than Anything Else

In a recent search for fresh content on encouragement, I came across the book, Encouragement Makes Good Things Happen by Theo Schoenaker. While I have just started reading it, the author hooked me on the first page when he wrote, Discouragement snatches from us the most important thing needed for a well-lived life-courage. He continues with:

With courage, discussions can be more constructive, families more peaceful, work more meaningful, and essentially, all human relations better.

And what's so sad to me is that encouragement is the easiest of all work and life skills to develop. Looking for something on which to give a positive comment to someone should come as natural as breathing to us. Most all of us know the difference it has made in our lives when someone saw something in us that we didn't see ourselves. Countless stories of success begin with, "There was this person who said they believed I could do it."

I am firmly convinced that regardless of whether your biggest challenge today is work-life balance, managing your time or dealing with change, you will be better equipped to handle these challenges if you focus on doing a better job of genuinely encouraging others around you. As one of the proverbs says, He who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.