Violating The Value of Limits

We (me, you, our society) are violating a critical life principle and the consequences are not good. The principle? There is value in limits. Recall your childhood days for a moment-your parents or other adults in your life wouldn't let you have all the chocolate or ice cream you wanted. And if they did... well, you know how that turned out. As a driver of an automobile, you know the importance of observing the speed limit. A level of restraint is required in purchases if we want to be financially sound.

Why is it then, that we don't follow the  same principle when it comes to information? Even though too much of anything else is detrimental to our well-being, we somehow rationalize that too much information is never a bad thing. And look where it's gotten us. Disjointed conversations fractured by phone rings or chimes, lower productivity due to information overload and even diminished quality of "real time" relationships because we are trying to keep up with a bazillion virtual connections.

For one day, try reducing the amount of information you allow into your mind. You might just find that there is value in limits.