Because I Can

An intriguing news story in North Carolina over the past couple of months has been the request for money to upgrade the football stadium owned by the Carolina Panthers. Jerry Richardson, owner of the team, has requested millions of dollars to improve several aspects of the building. He has made his appeal to the Charlotte City Council (where the stadium is located) as well as a committee at the NC General Assembly. The irony in play is that the football team is making a profit and since the stadium is owned by the team, many have suggested that Jerry Richardson fund the improvements himself. One state legislator, listening to his request, even asked the question, "With all your wealth and ability to pay for these improvements, why are you asking us for money?" His response was priceless..."Because I can."

Beyond debating the merits of whether the improvements should be publicly or privately funded, you have to admire Jerry Richardson's "I can" attitude. Too many of us spend our days focusing on all the things we can't do, instead of choosing something we can do... and getting it done.

At a training program some time ago, an HR manager was highly frustrated that many of the managers were complaining of work overload. "They spend so much time talking about all they can't get done," she said. "If they would just pick something and do it, they might just stop being so far behind." Excellent point. Our time is too precious to waste it on what we can not do.

What's your day looking like? A day spent loathing all the tasks or activities you can't get to, or taking action on what you can do?