Oil and Time-Two Precious Resources

I’m currently in Saudi Arabia working with Saudi Aramco, the largest oil company in the world. As most anyone knows, oil is the lifeblood of this region. It’s plentiful supply has allowed the country to grow in ways almost unimaginable-but that could be changing. One statistic I have heard frequently is that due to population growth by 2030 Saudi Arabia could be a net importer of energy. That’s right-an importer of energy. One of their challenges is that energy costs have been so low due to the incredible supply here in Saudi Arabia that people aren’t looking to use it as wisely. Right now, per liter, oil is cheaper than water.

Their dilemma with a potential future energy crisis mirrors much of how we look at our time resources. When we don’t see the incredible value in investing each moment in accomplishing what is important, we more carelessly spend our time. It’s only when we begin to see the reality of our actions (i.e. my kids are almost grown and there was so much I wanted to do with them), that we are hit with the need to revisit our priorities.

Led by Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia is looking to start making changes now to avoid potential problems in the future. Like them, we need to be in constant analysis of the use of our time resources so we don’t find ourselves with unfinished priorities, dreams or goals-and no resources to make them a reality.