Are You Seeing The Race?

Last week I had the chance to work members of the IACREOT at their annual association conference. One of their social outings was a trip to Churchill Downs, the home of the Kentucky Derby. The afternoon consisted of food, fellowship, and yes, watching and betting on the horses by some of the members.

While there, I was reminded of a tour of Churchill Downs several years ago. As we sat in the folding chairs along the track, the guide said, "Over 130,000 people attend the Kentucky Derby each year. But there are only about 51,000 seats. Where do you think the other 80,000 people sit?" He then slowly pointed to the grass infield. He went on to explain that while they may be at the race, few of them actually see the race due to too much partying and too many people. "The way to avoid missing the race," he continued, "Is to buy tickets for seats over a year in advance."

It reminded me of how many people miss life because they just don't plan ahead and make good choices. I can't imagine investing the time to attend the Kentucky Derby and then never seeing the race... just like I hurt for those individuals who aren't making the right choices to experience all life has to offer.

Are you seeing the race?