Distractions And The Good Old Days

This past weekend I had the chance to visit my daughter at college (NC State!). The hum of a college campus is always alluring to me, and the feel of fall was undeniable with the falling leaves and cooler temperatures. As we walked the campus, my mind raced back 28 years to when I was a freshman and thinking how my world had changed.

Each time we go to campus, I am just dumbfounded by the amenities and facilities available to today's college students. I literally think the phrase, "If you can think it, you can do it" fits best. But one of the most critical areas for career and personal success has not changed-the study area in the library.

As I glanced at the rows of tables with only chairs and reading lights, I sighed. Oh how I longed to go back to those days when the only distractions when trying to focus were a tapping pencil, stomach growl, or the sneeze of someone near by. It was so easy to really concentrate on what I was reading, writing... or just thinking about.

So many of us (present party included) have lost the ability to focus like we did in these study areas. We have allowed technology to infiltrate every possible nanosecond, and believe (falsely) that we must be available to everyone at every moment. Imagine what we could create or improve if we were armed with only our materials and a place to work without distraction. I'll pause while you sigh deeply.......

This week, why not try to create more of those moments where you have no distractions and can really focus on the task at hand? It's one of the things from the "good old days" that we need to start doing again.

Jones LoflinfocusComment