3 Ways To Keep Your Team Members From Feeling Alone At Work


I recently heard an insightful presentation about the dangers of being alone at work. The research about workplace loneliness suggests that it’s much more than an individual struggle. According to one study, feeling alone at work can lead to weaker productivity, motivation, and performance. Not what you want from any team member.

There are a myriad of reasons why someone may feel lonely at work, and we don’t have time to explore all the clinical, emotional, physical, or mental reasons that might be driving their condition in this post. I do think, however, as leaders we can take some steps to reduce these feelings in the way we interact with our team members daily.

Be Proactive.
Love it when I hear a manager or director say that the first thing they do in the morning is make the rounds, speaking to as many of their team members as possible. You’ll notice changes in attitude or overall well-being as well.

Be Present.
If face to face, put the electronic device away. If it rings or makes a sound and the other person encourages you to answer, say something like, “No, talking with you is the most important thing right now.” If on the phone, refrain from typing on your keyboard or making other noises that tell them you’d rather be doing something else.

Be Positive.
When we’re struggling under a heavy workload, or with the best course of action to take with a difficult assignment, we can start feeling like a failure and isolate ourselves from others. Reminding that person of past successes, talents you see in them, or simply of their strong work ethic, can go a long way in giving them the sense of belonging they need to deliver their best work.