Is It Time For A Life Chat?

Last week I had two unforgettable experiences. The first was the opportunity to spend time with five individuals who I have known for over 30 years. We had not been together as a group for five years, and the chance to reminisce and catch up on what was going on with each of us was just fantastic. That was the first experience.

The second one, while involving this same group, was very different.

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Why Hobbies Make You More Successful At Work

"Work is my hobby," he said with a weak smile, and then continued by sharing all he had on his plate at his job. It's a comment I hear far too often. We have become so conditioned to focus on work until some nebulous point in the future when a break will magically occur... but rarely does.

A recent article from Peter Jones also makes the case that hobbies aren't just a luxury but can be essential for our success at work.

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Stop Treating Email Like A Trip To The Dentist

"When I open my email I feel like I'm headed to the dentist, and I hate going to the dentist," the person on the other end of the phone kept saying. I was working with a client who was really struggling with their email management. They had let things get out so out of control that they were rarely checking email at work, opting to spend one to two hours in the evening handling their email. And yes, it was putting quite a strain on their relationship with their family and their own personal renewal time.

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Three Quick Ways To Fuel Your Focus

Focus. It seems like I hear so many people talking about needing to do it... but rarely taking the steps to create an environment where their physical and mental energy can be aligned with their most important work. Some argue that it's their coworkers fault, or they have to be available to their boss, or they have to leave their email notifications on in case of an emergency... the list goes on and on.

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Never Eclipse Your Chance To Connect With Your Team

I had a most refreshing moment with a team of people a couple of weeks ago. We were discussing the upcoming solar eclipse, and John, (not actual name), immediately brightened and started sharing way more than I expected about the history of such eclipses. He even said he would be traveling to South Carolina to stand on the very spot where a famous (to him) astronomer stood during an eclipse in 1903. The rest of his team joked with him about his “nerdiness,” but you could tell...

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How To Talk With Someone Struggling With Overload

You’re watching the train wreck unfold right in front of you. It might be your boss who has so much on their plate, and they are rarely communicating with you or the team. It might be a coworker who is drowning in deadlines or feeling overwhelmed with a new assignment. Having been in this situation yourself, you know the dangers of not taking action, but you struggle with how to have a helpful conversation. 

You could

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What's The Word That's REALLY Holding You Back

One of the great joys I have in my work is that I get to have deep conversations with people from all seasons of life. They may just be starting out on their career, anxiously trying to figure out what they want to do to make a difference. Others might have reached a level of success, but find that they want to explore new options, while another may be yearning to start their own business or make a major life shift. What I find interesting is that the inability for all of them to move forward is caused by...

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Where Do You Need To Be Indifferent As A Leader?

According to Merriam-Webster, some of the primary definitions of indifferent are: Marked by impartiality, does not matter one way or another, or no special liking or disliking of something. Continue reading the list, and you’ll also find other definitions like, being neither excessive nor inadequate, or being neither good nor bad.

Indifference and leadership are two words rarely found together,

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How Is That Pain In The Neck Affecting Your Productivity?

The pain in my hip and lower back was severe. After sitting in a plane seat for a few hours I could hardly get up to walk through the airport. As the pain subsided I rationalized that I must have "pulled something" and chose to try and resume business as usual. Then, when I least expected it, the pain would return. "I've just got too much to do to let this slow me down," I thought. I resisted for a couple of weeks until I just couldn't take it anymore.

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3 Words That Will Expose Your Resistance To Change

While catching up on some of Godin's posts a couple of weeks ago, I came across one that really rattled me as I read it. Three Ways To Add Value focuses on three words that can quickly expose how little time we daily dedicate to moving ourselves, our team, or our organization forward by acting on change. See which of these words best describes where you spend your time:

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What Stirs You To Change?

A speaker once caught my attention in a unique way. He began by saying, "What can't you stand anymore? What is that image or thought that stirs you to change your behaviors? He continued by giving an example near and dear to my childhood-Popeye the Sailor Man!

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