Do You Need To Think More About Your Future?


This week I am exhibiting at the Association For Talent Development (ATD) Conference and Expo in Atlanta Georgia. Over 8000 learning and talent development leaders from around the world will be here. I absolutely love this opportunity to reconnect with past clients, make new connections, and just have some really memorable conversations about how to grow the talent within an organization.

But I haven't always felt this way about ATD. In fact, I actually dreaded attending the event several years ago. I was overwhelmed by all the products and services I wasn't offering to potential clients. I didn't want to walk down the rows and rows of exhibitors and be reminded that my industry was changing so quickly.

If you have a little dread or fear as you look into what the future holds for you professionally, use some of the questions I forced myself to answer to jump start your willingness to look ahead:

Would I rather be uncomfortable or irrelevant?

Who could I partner with to be more confident about my future?

What different needs will my clients have in one to three years?

What would I do if  I wasn't afraid? (From Who Moved My Cheese?)

Most importantly, take a moment to celebrate how far you have come in your career and reflect on those whose lives have been improved by your efforts. And remember, they are counting on you (and me) to come through in the future as well.

Where will you carve out some time this week to think about your future?

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