Cow's Milk and Time Management

Last week a friend brought me a most magnanimous gift-a gallon of fresh milk from a Jersey cow. For those of you agriculturally-challenged, the Jersey breed of dairy cow offers some of the most rich (i.e. high level of butter fat) milk of any of the dairy breeds. To give you some idea of the taste, imagine your favorite brand of vanilla ice cream as a liquid-and that's what the milk tastes like.

While I was excited to receive this bovine nectar, there was an issue. With the rich taste came lots of extra calories and fat that I really didn't need with my regular diet. The solution? Limit my intake of calories and fats from other foods so that I could fully enjoy my REAL milk.

Almost daily we face a similar dilemma with the use of our time. There are things we really want to focus on or enjoy, but we have a hundred other things vying for our attention. The solution, just like changing my diet to accomodate that marvelous milk, is to constantly look at ways to limit time spent on other, less fulfilling tasks and activities. How can you shave 10 minutes off this task or reduce time spent on a report or proposal? Does the task really need to be done perfectly... or just be done?

And if better managing your time allows you to enjoy something as much as I enjoyed eating a piece of wife's layer cake with a glass of cold Jersey milk...well, it's certainly worth the effort!