NBA MVP Stephen Curry And Role Models

When I think of professional athletes, "humility" isn't often the word that comes to mind. I think of self-absorbed individuals who want two things more than anyone else... to win and to make exorbitant amounts of money. I know that's an unfair perspective. It's just been fueled by my casual reading of sports headlines and what I allow news outlets to feed to me. I'll also remember NBA great Charles Barkley saying, "I'm not a role model."

Then, every once in a while, a professional athlete (or human being for that matter) who hasn't "lost his soul" surfaces and my faith in what sports role models can be is temporarily restored. Stephen Curry, a guard for the Golden State Warriors, was announced as the 2014 MVP for the National Basketball Association. His acceptance speech was just incredible. Here are a few of his comments that really struck me:

  • "I remember sitting out my first middle school game because I didn't take care of my stuff at home." (He hadn't washed the dishes so his parents wouldn't let him play)
  •  He thanked Eric Housen, the team equipment manager, for his work. Curry said, "I think we have the best equipment manager in the league... You probably have a more official title than that... taking care of us players day in and day out."
  • He asked for a round of applause for his wife.
  • One sportswriter wrote, "He seemed to thank everyone he ever met."

Stephen Curry IS a role model. Not just for aspiring sports stars, but for anyone who wants to achieve success at something. He recognized early in life (in part because of his parents) that relationships are important. He surrounds himself with the right people. And he gives credit to all those who have helped make his success possible. Combine all these things with an incredible work ethic and passion for basketball.. and the result was almost a foregone conclusion (He got 100 out of 130 votes).

What I find even more interesting is to look ahead to the future of Stephen Curry. Because of the way he has handled his professional and personal life, Curry has an amazing road ahead of him, regardless of wins and losses. With his integrity intact, a loving family, and the respect of those in the NBA, Curry truly is an MVP, and yes... a role model for the rest of us.

Click here to watch his full acceptance speech