Living in Denial

How much longer will you live in denial? You know that...

  • The project deadline will be here sooner than you think
  • Your schedule is littered with tasks you ought to scale back, delegate, or even delete so you can make room for more important things
  • You have coworkers who would be willing to help you with your overwhelming workload... if you would ask
  • Your procrastination is rooted in perfectionism or fear, and neither is helpful
  • People in your field who are younger or more ambitious are building their skill set while you reason that you're too busy to work on professional improvement
  • Taking better care of your physical health will enhance your work and personal effectiveness
  • Neglecting the relationships in your life is decreasing your motivation to work on other things
  • In literally the blink of an eye, your children will be grown

You can keep fooling yourself... but can you handle the reality check that will surely come?