A Super Phrase for Motivation

While the big game may not have been the competitive event many had hoped, there were still many stories about players, their backgrounds, and how they fueled their motivation during their quest to obtain the Vince Lombardi Trophy. One of my favorites was that of Russell Wilson, Quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks.

Wilson frequently said to himself, "Why not me?" when thinking of his possibilities as an NFL quarterback. He extended that thought as he worked with his team and would often say to them, "Why not us?" when contemplating their possibilities in their season. Seems normal enough, but then you have to look into Wilson's background to understand its significance.

Russell Wilson's first sport was baseball, and that was the path he chose, actually playing Class A baseball before making a huge change in his life, that of pursuing a career in football. At 5' 11" his chances as a quarterback were seen as limited, but on the night of February 2nd, 2014, there he stood celebrating with his team after a decisive win over the Denver Broncos.

What would your day be more like if you said to yourself more often, "Why not me?" in relation to your opportunities? Instead of making the case of why you can't do something, why not start looking at all the resources you have available to move forward with a dream or goal? Sure it's going to be difficult, and you might fail, but in those moments, remember the quote:

The pain of discipline and commitment is measured in ounces. The pain of disappointment and regret is measured in tons.

Thanks, Russell Wilson, for reminding me of the power of positive thinking.