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Is It Time To SPICE Up Your Self Care?

In my book, Juggling Elephants, Todd Musig and I outline how the best way to manage your work and life is like running a circus. A key tenet is that you have three "rings" in your life: A work ring, a relationship ring, and a self ring. The key to success, we believe, is to have quality activities in all three rings... not just one or two.

An interesting part of the training on the book is

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Why Hobbies Make You More Successful At Work

"Work is my hobby," he said with a weak smile, and then continued by sharing all he had on his plate at his job. It's a comment I hear far too often. We have become so conditioned to focus on work until some nebulous point in the future when a break will magically occur... but rarely does.

A recent article from Peter Jones also makes the case that hobbies aren't just a luxury but can be essential for our success at work.

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Staying Focused On The Right "Its" During The Holiday Season

Already feeling stressed about the holidays and you still have turkey in your refrigerator? You're not alone. According to the American Psychological Association, up to 69% of us have greater levels of stress during this holiday season. The top stressors found in one study were a lack of time, a lack of money, and the stress to give and receive gifts. It seems that I more frequently hear people say, "I just want to get through the holidays." How sad. Regardless of your religion or spiritual beliefs, this upcoming holiday season offers the strongest opportunity to relax, reflect, and recharge.... if used correctly.

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Doing Nothing Is Really Something

In our activity-obsessed culture, the idea of doing nothing is not considered a positive thing to do. Oh we talk about relaxing and disengaging, but even those moments of idleness are incessantly interrupted by the ding, chirp, or ring of an electronic device. The tide is changing, however, and there is now mounting evidence that we need these moments of what I call "sacred idleness. Forbes had an excellent article on the subject just a few months ago.  I've taught the general benefits of taking an "intermission" in my work life balance training for several years, and am always looking for more neurologically-based facts to support the value of doing nothing.

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