The Marks Of An Innovative Leader

I am hopeful for these times, despite the tension and conflict, because more natural servants are trying to see clearly the world as it is. A fresh critical look is being taken at the issue of power and authority, and people are beginning to learn, however haltingly, to relate to one another in less coercive and more creatively supporting ways. A new moral principle is emerging which holds that the only authority deserving one's allegiance is that which is knowingly and freely granted by the led to the leader.
-Robert Greenleaf

While we occasionally hear of those leaders who find success with a "command and control" approach, there is no doubt that a different course is taken by most leaders today. How about you? Are you more coercive or supporting? Here are some additional traits of innovative leaders:

  • Seek to provide their team with the resources to be successful
  • Perceive differences as strengths
  • See change as a constant process and not a periodic event
  • Proactively seek feedback about their performance
  • Reevaluate assumptions
  • Openly express ideas and listen to others without attachment
  • Believe that in order to achieve success the team will fail-often
  • Creatively connect seemingly disparate ideas into fresh solutions

How do you compare to this list? What would you add?