Learfield GM Training June 29 2017

PDF of Power Point Slides
Includes the list of "Drains" and descriptions for each quadrant in the Eisenhower Matrix.

Eisenhower Matrix Worksheet
If you feel like you're really busy as a GM but not getting to the right things, use this worksheet for a day or week and see where you time is really being spent.

Take Care Of All 3 Rings Planning Guide
To best maintain your productivity and effectiveness, I believe its important to be more proactive about how you plan for your life outside of work. Use this guide to get a head start on making it an effective week for you in all the areas that are important to you.

The 15 Surprising Things Ultra Productive People Do Differently (infographic)
Kevin Kruse's book on the subject of productivity is fantastic. Here's a "quick start" guide to some of his best tips.

Links to my books
Juggling Elephants
Always Growing
Getting to It

And a final offer to you if you're serious about managing your life more effectively...
The more I work with Learfield GMs, the more I have such tremendous respect for all you get done. If you'd like to set up a monthly call with me to get some additional guidance on time management/productivity/work life challenges, send me an email or call me at 336-859-9862.

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