Thanks For A Fantastic "Growing" Session In Pittsburgh!

As promised, here's the PDF of my keynote slides: How To Blossom Even In Times Of Change!

Special Discount On My Books For NAPO 2017 Conference Attendees
Several of you asked about purchasing copies of my books. You can purchase them at Amazon in hardcover or kindle formats, BUT you can also purchase them at my store a a fantastic discount. Just go to the Jones Loflin store, make your selections of books, and enter the coupon code NAPO2017 to receive a 25% discount. Coupon expires May 10, 2017.

Looking for more resources related to the message?
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Thanks for all you do to help individuals live more orderly, productive, and fulfilling lives. I know what a difference it has made in my own work and ability to more fully enjoy time with my family.

Finally, if you're into social media (and who isn't?), click on any of the links below to connect with me. I look forward to learning from your insights and experiences.