More Resources To Help you Talk The Talk Of A Leader
(November 20 Session)

Thanks for contributing so much to our time together as we worked on improving how we communicate with those around us. Here are some additional resources from our session.

PDF Of Slides From Presentation
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Personality Assessment
In case you want to use the Gary Smalley Personality Styles Test, here's a link to a more comprehensive version than the one we used in the session.
View/Download Smalley Institute Personality Styles PDF


Articles/Blogs Related To Communication
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Leadership And Aggressive Listening
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Keep Growing From Our September 28 Session

Thanks for participating in the training program as we looked at managing change in a whole new way! Here are some additional resources to help you continue your journey as a "master gardener" of change.

PDF Of Slides From Presentation
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Creating A Growth Plan For A Change
We discussed four key things you need to do to get change started with a team or organization. Use this worksheet to map out your plan to get a new change growing.
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Motivating Others
A key to successful change is getting everyone on board with engaging in new attitudes and behaviors. Use this worksheet to better determine how to work with each member of your team during a change initiative.
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Additional Tools/Resources
Four Actions Of A Leader With A Growing Mindset (Infographic)
Managing The Weeds Of Change


Continue The Learning From Our June 19 Session!

I tremendously enjoyed my time with each of you on the topic of time management and the struggle of too much to do. Here are some resources and activities you can use to continue the learning from our time together.

PDF Of Slides From Presentation
The slides can refresh your memory about the big ideas shared, and you'll need the information from some of the slides to complete the activities below.
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Becoming A Better Ringmaster
"The elephants just keep coming!" If you're ready to spend some time determining how to handle what's heavy to you right now, download this worksheet.
View/Download Becoming A Better Ringmaster Worksheet

Creating A Winning Lineup
Looking to plan a week where more of your most important things get done? Download this worksheet to plan for all "three rings" of your life and get more standing ovations from yourself when the week is over.
View/Download Three Rings Planning Worksheet

Time Management Matrix
Do you honestly know where you time is spent each day? How much of your time do you spend reacting versus being strategic? To find out, download this worksheet and monitor your workday to find out... and make even better choice in the future.
View/Download Time Management Matrix Worksheet

Additional Articles/Resources
When A Lack Of Balance Is Okay
Fifteen Proven Time Management Strategies
31 Ways To Get To Your Its More Often
Tips on Email (From My June Newsletter)

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