Performance Coaching

The goal of performance coaching is to accelerate your development in a specific area. Jones works with you to design a coaching plan that addresses your immediate challenges and long term goals.  He currently offers two performance coaching packages:

Time Management

Who doesn't struggle with too much to do? You've probably tried any number of models and strategies to improve your results, but still find yourself saying in exhaustion as your head hits the pillow, "I was so busy all day but don't feel like I got anything done of value." You don't need more tips... you need a comprehensive plan that addresses all of your time management challenges.

Built on the key principles from his book, Juggling Elephants, Jones equips you with a time management model that ensures that what you say is important actually gets done. (Six sessions)

Session 1: Identifying Goals And Gaps Related To Time Management

Session 2: Developing An Effective Daily Plan

Session 3: Creating Sustainable Routines

Session 4: Maintaining Your Focus

Session 5: Managing The Expectations Of Others

Session 6: Taking Your Time Management To The Next Level



With all the demands placed on today's leaders, it can seem impossible to do little more than maintain the status quo. Opportunities to think and work strategically are squeezed out of your day while the people depending on you continue to feel neglected.

For over 23 years, Jones has worked with individuals to help them improve their ability to build capacity in their team members and lead with greater confidence.  Using his newest book, Always Growing, Jones creates leaders who are transforming their people and achieving amazing results. (Six Sessions)

Session 1: Establishing Growth Goals and Identifying Your "Season" Of Leadership

Session 2: Creating A Healthy Environment

Session 3: Growing Your Team

Session 4: Communicating With Clarity

Session 5: Managing Your Time As A Leader

Session 6: Dealing With The "Weeds" Of Leadership


To learn more about these coaching packages, send Jones an email or call 800-853-4676.

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