The Two Most Critical Challenges In Today's World:

Time Management & Work Life Satisfaction

 When it comes to time management or work life satisfaction, a list of tips and strategies may provide temporary relief from an overloaded schedule, but the real answers lie in a change of perspective and behavior. Based on some of the testimonials about Jones' work, he delivers on both, whether it's a competency-based training, one hour keynote, or coaching session. Key challenges addressed include:

  • Recognizing the false sense of security that comes from trying to get it ALL done

  • Taking more conscious control of your time and energy

  • Developing a daily schedule and routine that proactively addresses your highest priorities

  • Managing the deluge of distractions and interruptions that are constantly trying to derail your productivity

  • Working more efficiently with others toward a common goal

  • Improving your reserves of physical, mental, and emotional energy to meet the daily demands being placed on you professionally and personally

Jones is the co-author of Juggling Elephants, a witty and profound parable about someone with too much to do, too many priorities, too much stress and too little time (sound familiar?) All that changes one day when he finds new directions from... the circus.

The content Jones provides on time management or work life satisfaction are powerful yet practical. They equip participants with the mental blueprint to not only make effective use of their time by choosing the right actions, but also to insure that what they SAY is important actually gets DONE.

Here are two examples of Jones’ weekly tips sent to those subscribing to the Jones Zone:




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Fifteen Proven Strategies for Work Life Satisfaction and Time Management

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 Your program was the "missing piece" for busy professionals-namely, that we are so busy looking up and trying to juggle our elephants and keep them in the air that we don't realize that we have lost our footing, and need to get our own feet firmly back on a strong foundation.

-Margie Marron, Abington Memorial Hospital