Testimonials About Jones Loflin

Thanks again so much for joining us at our event this week. Everyone very much enjoyed your presentation and words of wisdom! We look forward to working with you again in the near future and, in the interim,...achieving some better results!
Stephanie Gleason
Leadership Development Program Manager

You were everything we expected and more. You energized our delegates and set a tone for all conference activities to follow. I especially nodded my head when you spoke about concentrating on the things that are going well and not the small things that are not going well. That has been especially difficult for me to do in my job as conference chair, as I always want everything to be perfect.
Tony J. Sirvello, III
International Association of Clerks, Recorders, Election Officials and Treasurers

Your two presentations were very well received by our members. They have given you rave reviews! Thank you for helping us to take a good look at our goals and priorities.
Celia Ford
National Association of Junior Auxiliaries

I hope you’ve gotten some rest from your whirlwind visit with us. You were just fantastic, my friend! I love your energy level. Your running with you’re your daughter must really be working because you never lost your breath in your presentation even after running up and down the steps in the auditorium! You created a lot of excitement at both presentations and I’ve heard many, many positive comments from my co-workers. I just wish we had your opening from the WHQ event where you talked about being a package - that was fabulous!
Peggy Hall, Global Leadership Institute
Federal Express

Thanks for coming out to Tractor Supply to facilitate Juggling Elephants yesterday. Several participants engaged with me after the program was complete to share how much they enjoyed the presentation. One person even mentioned that you were the “best presenter they had seen in their life” in their long career of working! Even more impressive, several managers provided comments during their graduation speeches to the executive team on how Juggling Elephants has helped them realize the importance of having balance in their life. I look forward to working with you again!
Albert Dennis
Tractor Supply Corporation

Your presentation at our LDI this week was outstanding! People really appreciated the practical tools and your warm, friendly presentation style.
Patricia Mazur
Mercy Hospitals & Healthcare

Jones was a hit! We threw a fast ball at him by asking him to shorten his presentation even more than the one hour and he still managed to make an impression. All walked away with something to think about. Comments included: “Excellent Speaker who was on point,” “Quick information that encouraged me to buy the book,” and “Great idea to help organize my time.”
Heidi Jonuschies
Volkswagen University

You did an absolutely terrific job on your presentation. We heard so many great comments and there was such great turnout - your session was definitely a hit with our members! We appreciate how easy you were to work with, as well as how you just went with the flow of the event. That is always so helpful from the planning side. I heard that there were many, many books sold, so that alone is a great testament to your session and info. The content was perfect and so helpful. Wouldn’t hesitate to highly recommend you to any of my planner friends and colleagues. You were a delight to work with!!
Cathy Berg, Director of Meetings
Association of Collection Agencies (ACA) International

I continue to receive many comments on how enlightening your presentation was, and how you transformed your discussion into one that held everyone's interest and attention. Please accept my sincere thanks for a job extremely well done.
R.D. Black
Department of the Navy

I know that a lot of our members took to heart your presentation, because I've heard them quote you. There could not have been a better message for our industry than a presentation on change.
Bobbi Wettach
Mississippi Petroleum Marketers

Jones is a true professional and pleasure to work with! We've had Jones as our keynote speaker twice now and will continue to bring him back in the future. Jones is a class act and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a high-quality, meaningful presentation.
Tyler Grandil
Arizona Department of Education

Your program was fun, energetic, insightful, engaging, and very timely for our directors and leadership team.
Margie Marron
Abington Memorial Hosptial

Thank you again for speaking at our event. You captured the entire event and provided an outstanding end to our conference.
Sharlotte Peterson
National Pork Board

When people ask me suggestions for speakers, I have been giving them your name. Hope you don't mind. You presented the program with such a high degree of energy and humor. 
LaVerne W. Marshall
US Department of the Treasury

The audience was virtually captivated by your charismatic approach. We look forward to having you and your exceptional wit back in our midst.
James V. Crider
The Economic Development Alliance

Your program helped our teachers start off the year on the right foot. The presentation was very practical and engaging. Our teachers came away with real suggestions that they could start applying that day.
Tammy Morgan
Pilot Point ISD

People found your presentation very inspiring and perfect for after lunch. The evaluations indicated that they knew exactly how they were going to use the information you provided. Several wanted to allow you more time and wished they could have had a Q and A period. I look forward to participating in another one of your presentations in the future.
Colleen Strom
Community Medical Centers

You now get my award for the all-time best speaker to work with! Not only did your session get awesome ratings from the attendees, but you also were gracious, flexible and easy to work with.
Christine Merritt
Ohio Broadcasters Association

I have received nothing but positive comments about the presentation from our members that attended the meeting. Actually, I even had voice messages about the event when I returned to the office. Everyone loved it!
BJ Williams
The Employers Association

Jones was GREAT! His message was completely on-target and exactly what we needed for the audience.
Scott Williams
US Patent & Trademark Office

You are, Jones, one of the most skilled speakers I have seen, and I have seen a bunch!
Peter Rossall
AIM Funds Management, Inc.

Jones was very good at communicating his message and really engaged his audience. I was thoroughly impressed. And the fact that he did 3-45 minute segments of the same message consecutively, with the same enthusiasm and energy, was outstanding!!
Kathryn Scott

Everyone I talked with appreciated the simplicity and content of your message. It was a good reminder for all of us that we need to be good managers of our time and energy, remembering that balance in all areas is essential; and that we need to prioritize and stay focused on what is important or we can't do anything well. Thank You!
Debbie Quadracci
McAlester ISD

We were extremely happy to know we were going to have you as a keynote speaker at our symposium, and now even more so after it's over-you did an amazing job of connecting with the over 700 members of the audience. Your simple and insightful ideas are just what our busy nurses and healthcare staff needed to hear. Fantastic!
Waheed Khan
Long Island Health Network

What an outstanding presentation. Thank you so much for making the attendees feel good about their roles and for making ME look good. Looking forward to work with you again in the near future!
Cookie Dorsey
Texas Credit Union League

The training we received in Philly was awesome! It was amazing to see people I have worked with daily for over six years show vulnerability, sincerity and come together in such a manner. Jones was fantastic and some of the exercises he uses simply amazed me.
Linda Wittenhagen
US Department of the Interior

The program yesterday was right on track with what I wanted it to be, and just as expected, time was too short.
Chris Williamson
Hilton Hotels Corporation

You were definitely a hit with all of our franchise owners. What a great approach to a topic everyone was able to relate to. Your sense of humor combined with a fresh approach to becoming the master of your life was incredible. You kept everyone entertained while presenting a powerful message.
Linda Shaub
Interim Health Care