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What do you do when you feel lost as a leader?

Always Growing tackles a common leadership challenge: How to successfully motivate, develop, and empower a diverse group of people to work together and achieve remarkable results.


David has risked so much. Accepting his first leadership role at Trendex has meant uprooting his family and leaving behind a comfortable and secure position. The only upside may be that he is moving back to the place he called home as a boy - a place where his sister, Kelly, still resides and operates a thriving garden center.

David quickly realizes that he is in trouble. He has taken responsibility for a division that is destined for the chopping block if he doesn’t soon figure out how to motivate his employees, prioritize their work, and unify them as a team. Sharing his concerns with Kelly leads to a very interesting revelation.

Can Kelly’s proven method for growing plants show him the way to grow his team?

David soon learns that:

  • Letting something grow on its own is not a wise choice

  • Determining what a plant needs is critical to optimum growth

  • Pruning is sometimes necessary to minimize undesirable outcomes

  • Harvesting is much more than reaching the intended goal

Always Growing is a warm and witty guide to becoming a stronger leader, whether you have been leading for two days or two decades. This clever gardening analogy will lead you and your team to a bountiful harvest.

About the Author

JONES LOFLIN is an internationally recognized speaker/trainer and the coauthor of Juggling Elephants and Getting to It as well as the author of Getting the Blue Ribbon. He has developed and delivered solutions for many Fortune 500 companies in the areas of work life satisfaction, time management, change, and leadership. Jones has also worked as the trainer of trainers for Who Moved My Cheese? LLC. He lives in North Carolina.

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Rave Reviews

Leadership is a people business. Successful leaders know that when your people grow, the organization will grow. Always Growing provides a step by-step process for growing others, your organization, and yourself. Every leader should have Always Growing in their library!
— DR. MARSHALL STEWART, Vice Chancellor of Extension and Engagement University of Missouri
In my industry, department leaders are frequently promoted into positions with very little training on the skills needed to effectively lead and manage people. Always Growing gives a great ‘behind-the-scenes’ look into what makes leaders successful and will help them avoid many common pitfalls.
— CHRISTY PRICE, Director of Tailored Learning Services and Certifications Choice Hotels International
All too often, management books are interesting but entirely too complicated to implement. Always Growing presents some profound leadership and cultural change principles through a simple and engaging story. These concepts can be used to change an organization’s culture from the top down in a subtle but effective way.
— ARTHUR SALYER, Senior Partner, Global Interim Executive Management LLC and Former CEO of Palladium Energy

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The strategies outlined in Always Growing are perfect for anyone in your organization who is responsible for the development of others. Whether they have been leading for two days or two decades, they will find immediate application to their specific situation.

Jones offers multiple keynote and training options designed specifically to meet the needs of your organization and its people. Some examples of where organizations are choosing to utilize this powerfully practical model of leadership include:

  • Emerging/First time leaders

  • Leading change

  • Improving employee engagement and motivation

  • Strategic planning

  • Advanced training for “seasoned” leaders

  • Working with multi-generational teams

The message of Always Growing is also timely for any group that wants to improve the ability of their people to help their team deliver their best work. Jones is a frequent speaker at events like:

  • Association conferences

  • Healthcare leadership development training

  • Professional development programs for educators

  • National franchisee meetings

To learn more about what Jones can do to “grow” your leaders, contact him!