The 3 Signs You Need To Stop Attempting Too Much

I have a list of time management challenges that I use for discussion in one of my training programs. When I ask, “Which one seems to impact you the most,?” a surprising number of participants respond with, “Attempting too much.”

I personally see value in having more planned for your day than you might reasonably get done.

Jones Loflin
3 Simple Questions To Energize A Discussion About Change

At many of the conferences or corporate meetings where I am asked to speak, there is almost always someone talking about innovation. I hear things like “We need to develop more customer-centric ways of doing business” or “Leverage technology to increase speed to execution,” or one of my personal favorites, “Increase collaboration across the enterprise.”

Why You Need To Make The Tough Decisions

My travels last week included flights on Delta airlines during their struggle with cancelled flights due to a major weather system affecting the east coast. As I sat at the airport all afternoon Thursday I could see that my return trip on Delta wasn’t looking good. I gave some quick thoughts to other options, but chose to wait it out and hope for the best.

Jones Loflin
Three Things You Need To Stop Trying To Control

Merriam Webster defines control as "To exercise directing or restraining influence over." And while I'd like to think I am not a "control freak," I must confess there are times I am THAT type of person. I expend an enormous amount of energy trying to bend and shape every situation to align with my desired result. As you know, that is exhausting, frustrating, and rarely leads to the best outcomes!

"Spring" Your Leadership To The Next Level

The Vernal Equinox occurring in the US and Canada on Sunday March 20 marks the official start of spring. As one who loves to see things grow, this time of year holds tremendous promise as I start my garden, nurture existing plants, and tackle the ever-present weeds that have been growing for some time.

I've written in the past how successful leaders need to be gardeners. With that in mind, what might you do differently in your work if you looked at March 20 as marking a period of renewal and growth for you and your team? Some actions might include:

How To Stop Sounding Like An Alien To Your Team

This past weekend I watched the science fiction movie Arrival. While it’s one of those movies I need to watch a second time to really appreciate all the plot twists, there is a powerful "teachable" moment in the movie when the main character, Louise, is asked by the military commander about her methods to try and communicate with the aliens who have landed on earth.

Three Signs That Show You Are Growing As A Leader

One of the activities I use in leadership training is an exercise where individuals have to build a structure using simple materials to support a rolling ball. While the activity is in process, I love watching individuals exhibit many of those early signs of leadership, and I think they are the same ones you need to stop and celebrate when you recognize them in yourself or others on your team.

3 Reminders From The "Big Game" About Leadership

Prior to Sunday I had been hopeful that the Super Bowl would be a competitive event that would be engaging to watch. And WOW! it did not disappoint. New England’s come from behind victory left me speechless. And while people will be talking about all angles of their victory for months (and years), I quickly saw three key leadership principles applicable to anyone responsible for leading a team. They were:

7 Ways To Wreck Your Holiday Season

When will you say it? Will it be when you find yourself furiously shopping for gifts two days before you plan to give them? Maybe the words will come when you haven't gotten anything done at work for the past week. Perhaps your defining moment will come as you recognize that in all the giving to others during the holiday you have taken zero time for yourself. You know the words I mean... "Next year things are going to be different!"

Jones Loflin
Putting The Philosophy Of Good Enough To Work For You

The philosophy of good enough is the idea that there are some tasks and activities that don’t have to be perfectly done. The benefit is that you don’t spend as much time on the less important, making more time available for those tasks and activities that can best move your work and life forward.

While I know you might find exceptions to my list, here are three places I think we need to settle for good enough more often.

Are You Still Trying To Drive Change?

When it comes to change a popular phrase in many organizations is the need to "drive change." It sounds like such a plausible idea, until you stop and think about the mindset it can possibly create within the people in the organization. If you are in management, the chance to drive change sounds appealing and almost powerful. If you are NOT in such a position, you may feel like a cattle drive is about to begin as you are driven to a place you may or may not want to go.