Meeting Planner

A collection of files that can be used to help plan your next event with Jones!

Jones Loflin Speaker Information  (332K)

Here's the perfect place to start to better understand Jones' opportunities to benefit you and your organization.

Blue Ribbon Program Information.pdf  (108K)

Do your people need help in dealing with change? Are they looking to get better results? Here's more information about Jones'powerful program that's getting rave reviews from others who want to achieve greater success in times of change.

Audience Information Guide (26k Word file)  (25K)

Use this simple guide to help provide Jones with more information about your group and your objectives for his presentation(s).

Program Planning Guide (25K Word File)  (24K)

This checklist will assist you in planning a/v and room arrangements for keynotes and other programming provided by Jones.

Intro of Jones Loflin  (34K)

Jones Loflin Photo-Black and White  (887K)

Jones Loflin Photo 1  (812K)

Jones Loflin Photo 2  (825K)

Jones Loflin Photo 3  (1.1M)